Upload BY70-1 telemetry to the server

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A decode software for BY70-1 telemetry is available at https://github.com/bg2bhc/gr-lilacsat/
It is a GNU Radio OOT Module for telemetry decoding of LilacSat-1, LilacSat-2 and BY70-1 satellites.
You can find some example .grc files under /examples folder.
A proxy to upload telemetry is included in /examples/proxy_publish. It is exactly the one used for LilacSat-2.
To upload telemetry for BY70-1, edit remote port to 61261 instead of 61161 in the proxy window.
Make sure that the Socket PDU block in the right corner of demode_by70-1.grc is enabled, and the port configuration is set to 60061.
You can view the telemetry at http://lilacsat.hit.edu.cn/lilac_back1/Dashboard.html, under “节点28” subpage. In fact the page is for LilacSat-1, so just ignore other subpages. Currently we have a Chinese version only.
Your aid will be quite helpful. Thanks a lot and 73!


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